Temporary Power Poles and Panels 

When building new homes or construction projects, you need a temporary source of power.



Temporary Power Poles for Sale or Rent

We sell or rent high quality temporary power poles. They’ll supply the power you need for power tools, machinery and other electrical needs.

Construction Sites

• Single-Family Homes
• Multi-Family Units
• Commercial Sites
• Highway Construction
• Phone Hookup for Trailer

Reliability and Safety

Our temporary power poles offer safe, secure and dependable power sources.
You can rely on them to power your construction site needs.

• Standard 100-200+ Amp Poles
• Overhead and Underground Power Systems
• Power Cord and Box Installation
• Weather-Proof Boxes



Our temporary power poles work well in most weather conditions.
• Rain
• Snow
• Sleet

Start your construction project today with our safe, secure and durable temporary power poles.

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